Student Testimonials

Signing up for private lessons was the best decision I made. …Learning to dance has been very rewarding. Not only am I learning about different dances, but I am learning more about myself and life lessons. Dancing is one of life’s unexpected gifts to me that I really enjoy and will treasure in years to come.” -Student, Patricia Martinez
Everyone raved about your class and told me how they were going to look in to taking lessons with you in the future. Thanks to you and your great dance moves, my staff can now see that dancing is not only enjoyable, but it’s a great way to release energy and burn calories. Thank you again for making this one of our most memorable trainings!” -The Oliver Kids Team
I love performing. It is mentally challenging. I like to win the trophies. My Hip Hop teacher, Brette, is so nice. She's great. My dad’s teacher, Sonia, is nice too. I want to be on stage all of the time because I love the feeling it gives me. Go to Sonia's World of Dance. It’s awesome.” -Student, Robbie Ward (age 8)