There is no dance that is more beautiful, grandiose, graceful, or romantic than the waltz. When the waltz first hit the dance floors of Europe, it was considered rather racy; the couples have to touch, hand to hand, hand to shoulder, for most of the dance, as opposed to the more line-style dances of the past.   If you have a big wedding coming up, consider the waltz. The sweeping movements, the romantic steps, the way it shows off the flow of a wedding dress; the waltz is the perfect first dance for a newly married couple.  We can teach you a waltz so graceful your family will have to turn their heads and emit a collective "ahhhhh" as you dance into your future together.   The waltz is also the traditional Quinceañera dance.  It shows off the extravagant, beautiful dresses perfectly, showcases the new maturity of the birthday girl, and is very traditional and yet exciting.