Sonia’s StripAerobics

An Exotic Dance Workout

Why do we offer this class you may ask?

Well a while back one of Sonia'’s long term student developed cancerous tumor in her brain. Throughout her dreary chemotherapy hair loss, equilibrium imbalance & self confidence had been lost. Sonia had been approached by her students spouse to try and coordinate a class especially for her, so that she could feel more confident about herself and reclaim her inner and outer beauty. Throughout this process, Sonia started at the beginning with the simplicity of showing her how to walk in heels and progressed to once again remember what it meant to be a beautiful woman again. While the class encourages sensuality, the focus of our strip aerobics program is to shed ones self-consciousness, not their clothing. Regardless of the provocative title, this program is nothing more than a cool and distinctive way to stay in shape.

Here is your chance to discover the hottest new work out to hit Houston!

Who said working out had to be dull! This fun dance aerobic work out combines some basic striptease moves with aerobic and dance elements.

With Sonia’s Strip Aerobics You Will Achieve:

  • Increase confidence
  • The ability to be one with your body
  • Tone up target areas
  • Build long lean muscles
  • Have fun
  • SWEAT!
Feel sexy, no matter your age or shape! Our class is safe & refreshing and will get you on the move!  So, come and add some zing to your life with Sonia’s Strip Aerobics!

StripAerobics Group Class

  • Mondays 6pm
  • 8 weeks course $240 per person
  • Single Class $45 per person

Semi-Private Class in StripAerobics

  • Requirement: 4 girls to make this class
  • Single Class $45 per person


  • Requirement: 4 girls to make this party
  • 1 hour class $45 per person
  • Additional hour room rental $65 per hour