Wedding Dance Lessons

Is your BIG DAY just around the corner? Let us help you get ready for your special Wedding Dance! We will discuss your wedding and your desires to decide on the style of your wedding dance. Then we will get down to business! We will choreograph it from start to finish, and then rehearse it until you can dance it with confidence and class!

When you view your wedding videos years from now, you will have a dance you can be proud of! Email Sonia to arrange for an appointment.

You will spend a great deal of time, selecting the ideal gown, the perfect music, the precise colors and finest floral arrangements because you want this to be your perfect day. But wait..... 

Have you Considered your First Dance?

  Our exceedingly qualified instructors will:
  • Help you choose a suitable dance for the "special song" which you have selected.
  • Assist you in selecting a "special song" for the first dance, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Choreograph and teach you the dance steps for your first dance.
  • Coach you until you have learned the basic steps or have attained your dancing goals.
  • Educate your bridal party on the basic dance steps.
  • Make learning dance a gratifying experience. 

10 Private Lessons

5 Private Lessons

1 Month Semi-Private

(Must have at least 4 people for package deal)