Student Success Stories

Sonia's World of Dance has students from all walks of life with many stories to tell. Here are a few success stories worth sharing!
A student's personal story about losing weight, through dance! Patricia FullSizeRender-2

Patricia and Sonia

How long have you been dancing with Sonia's World of Dance? 6 years What is the style of dance you favor?  I like everything that Sonia's has to offer, but my favorite dances are Bachata, Swing, and Waltz. What does dancing mean to you?  Dancing has been a blessing to me.  I have grown so much as person due to dancing. Dancing has been very therapeutic for me.  It is also challenging, but a lot of fun! What was the reason you started taking dance lessons? I started taking lessons because I wanted to learn to dance and to have fun since I had a graduated with my Master Degree from the University of St. Thomas. Tell us about your weight loss story. My weight loss story began one night at the dance studio during one of my dance lessons with Jorge, my dance instructor.  I got tired pretty quickly after a couple of dances, but Jorge could keep going.  I really wanted to keep up with Jorge and to dance longer.  So, I made the decision to start losing weight.  This was right before the Christmas holidays, which is not exactly a great time to start a diet or even start working out.  But, I decided to start out slowly. First, I had to change my eating habits. Next, I began cross training three days a week.  Jorge started teaching Samba to me which is definitely a workout itself. Cross-training and dance lessons two times a week was my work out schedule.  Slowly, I started losing weight.  I did not lose weight with a diet, but made some lifestyle changes.  It was not easy, but I have stuck with it.  Soon, I started feeling better about myself and became happier.  It definitely shows since I have so much more energy now and have become more graceful in my dancing. I can even to more physical activities. In September 2014, I climbed the Bavarian Alps in Germany and learned Viennese Waltz in Austria.  I have lost 24 pounds now and only a pound away from weight goal.  A lot of my motivation comes from wanting to become a better dancer.  Who does not want to be the person showing off on the dance floor and look great doing it! I know I am.   496 1441 1445 IMG_5178