Awards & Accolades

The National Association of Women Business Owner’s Award

Sonia Khan Farr, owner of Sonia’s World of Dance, was chosen as one of only five finalists in a nation-wide contest for the NAWBO Optimist Award in June 2006. To receive this award, Sonia had to write an essay on how she has overcome tremendous adversity to build up the thriving business she has today. Sonia emphasized the help she received from numerous sponsors, students, friends and family in helping her to keep an optimistic outlook even in times of despair and gloom. The purpose of the award was to give recognition to a select few who have exhibited great optimism, courage, drive and creativity in the pursuit of their business goals. Sonia abides by this creed in her day-to-day pursuit of her trade as a business owner, dance instructor, counselor and great friend to her many customers, employees and associates.

Sonia Received Nomination from Cooper Industries for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award presented by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in August 2007

For the first time in its history, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston created an award category for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. Cooper Industries nominated Sonia Kahn Farr for the award in August 2007, citing, in particular, her entrepreneurial achievements in the past year in two specific areas. One was in the area of developing a dance therapy program for couples in troubled marriages. By focusing on the health benefits of dance in an aerobic activity as a form of exercise uniquely conducive to togetherness as a couple, dance therapy is working well for many of Sonia’s customers. The second area of entrepreneurial prowess cited was Sonia’s use of dance therapy for those who are grief stricken, either because of becoming widowed or through losing some other close family member or friend. Again, the health benefits of dance are serving Sonia’s customers well in helping them to recover from, at times, devastating feelings of grief. Sonia was invited to a nominations award ceremony on Tuesday August 21st as well as to the Chamber’s 2007 Gala on Saturday August 25th. A highlight for Sonia was getting her picture taken with the Indian Consul General of Houston, S.M. Gavai, as well as with Houston Mayor Bill White.


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