Studio Policies

Because your teacher’s time and studio space is reserved for you only; you have to give the studio 24 hour cancellation notice; via e-mail and/or by calling us with explanation to why you are canceling your lesson. If 24 hour notice is not given than you will be charged for a whole lesson; because we have to pay your teacher for the time they are waiting for you. Surely you want your teacher paid for the time they sit and wait for you to walk through the doors for a dance lesson.

  • All lessons and classes are subject to time/date change, according to other students and teachers time availability.
  • To get the best from your lesson; we ask that you don’t take any calls during your lesson.
  • If you have a child with you; we ask that you bring another adult to supervise the child. The studio and the building managment hold no responsibility.
  • When you sign a contract; you are obligated to pay for your lessons. If you don’t pay on time than we don’t have any choice but to report you to a collection agency.
  • NO fraternization between students and teachers.

Semi-Private and Group Class Refund Policy

  • Remember you are taking 1 or 2 month’s course and you teacher has planned a whole month’s worth of teaching material. If you miss a class; you will lose the information that you will be learning that day.
  • If you miss a class you lose that class.
  • No Refunds.

Private Lessons Refund Policy

  • No refunds; you can transfer your remaining lessons to a friend or a family member. You need to sign a transfer contract and your friend or a family member will have to sign a contract with our studio.