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Sonia’s World of Dance 4100 Westheimer Suite 150 Houston, TX 77027 713 787 9111    

Overview: Sonia’s World of Dance was established in 2005 by director Sonia.  The studio specializes in teaching beginners how to dance Social, Ballroom and Latin dances.  It offers variety of services from Wedding choreography, special group dance lessons for social groups/clubs, as well as dance demonstrations and performances for charity balls and other special events.  The studio’s personable and talented instructors take pride in their knowledge of ballroom dancing and instructional expertise.  Their teaching method involves putting students at ease, so they have the confidence to relax, and therefore, learn at a much faster pace.

Studio Facts…   –                   Dance Studio that specializes in private and semi-private lessons, as well as group classes in Latin, Ballroom and Country western styles. –                   Offers instruction in Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba, Jive, Jitterbug, Two-Step, Country Waltz, Polka, Foxtrot, Waltz, Argentine Tango, American Tango, Swing, Hip-Hop, & Strip Aerobics. –                   Established a well-respected rapport in the Houston wedding industry through choreographing wedding dances, father/daughter dances, etc. –                   Strip Aerobics (An Exotic Dance Workout)

  • Increases women’s self-esteem.
  • Students are given the ability to become one with their body.
  • This class tones up a student’s target areas and builds long, lean muscles.

–                   In business since 2005. –                   We are located at 4150 Westheimer, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77027 (Galleria area).  This location is in the busiest part of central downtown Houston.  The River Oaks area is one of the most well-established communities in Houston, with a number of high-end retail companies.      –                   URL: –                   Founder:  Sonia Khan-Jupiter Studio Manager:  Rahel Ogbamichael –                   Channel 45 Telemundo covered stories on Salsa classes, Strip Aerobics, Halloween, Mira Quien Baila:   –                   The highly-acclaimed Leisure Learning program is one of our affiliates and endorses our dance classes to their students.  Leisure Learning Unlimited is a program enhancing Houstonian’s lifelong learning opportunities through quality, low-cost, non-credit classes.  –                   The Harris County Hospital District (HCHD) AKA Harris Health has chosen our studio to help keep employees healthy and fit through their employee wellness program.  The HCHD has had dance class at our studio once a week, for the past 3 years.  –                   Hosts a charity event at least once a year to benefit a good cause.

  • In 2006, hosted a fashion show and silent auction, benefiting and raising awareness for the Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC).
  • Co-hosted “Dance for a Cure” with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in May 2010.
  • Hosted a fashion show benefiting the Rose Breast Cancer Association

–                   We have Practice and Social parties every Friday night to provide our students with an opportunity to practice what they have learned in a safe and familiar environment.  This party also gives our students that chance to socialize and network. –                   In February 2013, we Performed Country Western Two-Step live on Great Day Houston for their Rodeo Segment!  We showed Houston how to get ready for the rodeo.   Quotes…   “Signing up for private lessons was the best decision I made…Learning to dance has been very rewarding. Not only am I learning about different dances, but I am learning more about myself and life lessons. Dancing is one of life’s unexpected gifts to me that I really enjoy and will treasure in years to come.” -Student, Patricia Martinez   “Everyone raved about your class and told me how they were going to look in to taking lessons with you in the future.  Thanks to you and your great dance moves, my staff can now see that dancing is not only enjoyable, but it’s a great way to release energy and burn calories.  Thank you again for making this one of our most memorable trainings!” -The Oliver Kids Team   “I love performing.  It is mentally challenging.  I like to win the trophies.  My Hip Hop teacher, Brette, is so nice. She’s great.  My dad’s teacher, Sonia, is nice too.  I want to be on stage all of the time because I love the feeling it gives me. Go to Sonia’s World of Dance.  It’s awesome.” -Student, Robbie Ward (age 8)   “I’m a little bit shy, and taking dance class at Sonia’s has been very good for my self confidence.” -HCHD Wellness Program member, Arnold Agustin   “Sonia is one of the instructors of Strip Aerobics in Houston.  Her academy teaches all types of dance, but this technique has become one of the most requested.  She says that in the beginning, many people even make fun of Strip Aerobics.  She goes on to say that in reality, this form of dance is far from what be performed at a cabaret, and that it works as a therapy for body and mind.” -Univision 45 news reporter, Andrea Gómez   “It wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be.  Sonia helped me to feel relaxed, so I could perform much better.” -Widely-acclaimed French Chef      Charities, Events, & Residencies  River Oaks Country ClubA S.W.O.D. Instructor is sent to the club every month to teach its members their choice of dance.    Harris County Hospital DistrictThe HCHD dance class is held every Thursday from 6p.m. to 7p.m at Sonia’s World of Dance.  Employees are given the opportunity to learn a variety of styles, including Latin and country western.  Dance styles to be learned are voted on by HCHD employees and taught within 6 to 8 weeks.  Harris County established has been in contract with Sonia’s World of Dance since 2006.    Houston Museum of Natural ScienceThe studio was featured in Mixers, Elixers & IMAX (2006).  Instructors would perform for the crowd and teach a lesson, while attendees danced beneath the dinosaur exhibit.   AVANCES.W.O.D. provided “dance therapy” as a way for participants in the Marriage Strengthening Project to help manage their stress on July 5, 2006.  Dance therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical conditions.  When one is being forced to scrutinize, create, and pursue ways to get through a difficult situation, dance therapy can help you ease back into an active state of being.          Houston Area Women’s Center On June 10, 2006, a charity fashion show was held at the studio, featuring haute tropical resort designs from “TropiCouture by Suzanne B” and sizzling swimsuits from “Premiere Swimwear.”  There were dance numbers in between fashion sets.  The evening also included a silent auction with all proceeds benefiting HAWC   Rose Breast Cancer SocietyA fashion show was held in 2007 in honor of and benefiting the Rose Breast Cancer Society in their attempt to protect women from the devastating effects of breast cancer.      International Festival- On April 21, 2007, Sonia and students represented the Houston-Leipzig Sister City Association (Houston’s twelfth sister city partnership) in the annual International Festival.  For the German side of the partnership, the team did the German Polka, Waltz and the classic Chicken Dance.  For the Americas’ side, the team performed Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Hip Hop & Salsa.  This was the studio’s second appearance at the Houston International Festival.   Unity Festival- On Saturday, August 18, 2007, Sonia’s World of Dance was invited to perform at Houston’s Unity Festival.  Unity Day is a cultural festival to bring together the communities of Houston in celebration of their diverse heritages.  Sonia’s World of Dance did performances in Cha Cha, Waltz, Rumba, International Tango, Salsa, Paso Doble, Argentine Tango and Hip Hop.  It was a nice afternoon in support of a great cause.  The participants had the opportunity to get to know one another better as well as make new and lasting friendships.                      Chinese Culture Center In November 2007, the studio was invited to perform at Houston’s Chinese Community Center.  Students performed with each other in amateur/ amateur dance exhibitions and instructors performed with students in professional/amateur dance exhibitions.   M.D. AndersonIn December of 2007, Sonia’s World of Dance was invited to entertain at the MD Anderson Internal Medicine Department’s Christmas party at the Downtown Crown Plaza Hotel.  Guests applauded with standing ovations to Tango and Mambo performances.  Group class instruction was then given in Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata.  The night ended with the disbursement of a few gift certificates.      Acergy Oil CompanyOn December 8th, 2007 Sonia’s World of Dance provided entertainment for the Acergy U.S. Inc. Company Christmas party at the Houstonian. There was a tango performance, followed by Salsa and Merengue group class instruction.    American Diabetes AssociationIn 2008, A Local Private School ran fundraiser benefiting the American Diabetes Association.  Students who raised the most funds were rewarded by getting to attend a father/daughter gala.  S.W.O.D. instructors donated their time and expertise to help students prepare for the event through dance lessons in Foxtrot and Swing.   WE TV’s BridezillaIn Season 5, Episode 3, Owner Sonia was featured as the dance instructor for the bride-to-be.   American Heart AssociationIn February 2009, S.W.O.D. donated lessons to a silent auction for the annual “Heart Ball.”  Instructors performed an Argentine tango routine before the gift certificates were auctioned off.                                                           Christus Stehlin FoundationS.W.O.D. was invited to in the 29th Annual Friends of Stehlin Foundation gala on November 14, 2009. Instructors danced Two-Step on stage and with gala attendees as country music legend Robert Earl Keen performed live.       Maersk Drilling Company– In December 2009, Employees from franchises all over the world traveled to Houston to celebrate the holiday “Texas Style.”  S.W.O.D. provided entertainment for the corporate Christmas party by teaching Texas Two-Step and dancing with Maersk employees.   Word of PowerIn February 2010, the church hosted a mixer at the studio for their singles group.  A variety of dance styles were taught, while singles were able to mingle and get acquainted with each other on a whole new level.   The Leukemia and Lymphoma SocietyThe studio hosted “Dance for a Good Cause” on May 14, 2010.  Donations included a group class, admission to social and dance party, and raffle ticket to win private dance lessons.  All proceeds went to research funding for finding a cure to this catastrophic disease.   Second Baptist Church (Houston, TX)S.W.O.D. instructors taught “Dancing for his Glory” to church member singles.  The social would begin with a prayer, followed by instruction in Texas Two-Step and Salsa.   Singles were then given the opportunity to dance with each other and socialize.    United Airlines Hispanic Heritage Celebration- On October 14, 2011, two Instructors were sent to United Airlines to demonstrate and teach their employees the basics in the Latin dances in order to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage.  Everyone joined in and had a blast dancing and socializing.   Dancing With the Congregation Brith Shalom Stars Fundraiser- S.W.OD. provided dance instruction and choreography to 8 couples that volunteered to perform in the event.  Each couple performed both Salsa and Waltz on January 14, 2012.  All the money they needed was raised through member and guest purchases of people’s choice ballots.  There was a people’s choice winner and the judges’ winner.   School of the Woods MontessoriSince 2012 ,  S.W.O.D. has been invited yearly to provide instruction in Two-Step, Swing, Merengue, Line Dancing and dance etiquette to the students at the School of the Woods.  These classes were to get the students ready for the end of the year Parent/Student dance.  The classes helped instill confidence in the students as well as introduce them to a hobby they may not have considered before.  All the students had a great time dancing with their parents and other students.   BP Wind Energy- The President of BP Wind Energy shows his appreciation of his employees through company parties.  S.W.O.D. was invited June 21, 2012 to instruct the employees in various Line Dances to get the employees energized and working together!  There were even rewards handed out at the end.   Girls’ Night “Evening of fun”-On September 29, 2012 we were invited to teach a Strip Aerobics Lesson for a group of Friends wanting to have a little fun together.  We taught then the moves.  This was followed by each woman performing their own strip tease to the song of their choice.  It was a lot of fun leaving the women feeling sexy and confident.   Simchat TorahOn October 8, 2012, our instructors were invited to donate time to join in the celebration of the conclusion of the annual weekly readings of the Torah at Congregation Brith Shalom.  The celebration was set up with four different areas: Eastern Europe, Latin America, Israel, & Texas; two of which our instructors lead the Torah dancing!   GREAT DAY HOUSTONS.W.O.D. was invited to dance Country Western Two Step Live on Great Day Houston for their rodeo segment in February 2013.    Harris County Hospital District Offers Dance Class as Part of Employee Wellness Program.   Dance class helping HCHD employees stay active, lose weight, and gain confidence.    The HCHD dance class is held every Thursday from 6p.m. to 7p.m at Sonia’s World of Dance.  Employees are given the opportunity to learn a variety of styles, including Latin and country western.  Dance styles to be learned are voted on by HCHD employees and taught within 6 to 8 weeks. Harris County holds a contract with Sonia’s World of Dance that administers weekly dance classes to hospital district employees, and the studio donates $100 to $300 to the tuition cost according to how many attend the class.  The county is only invoiced a minimum amount to provide for instructors. The HCHD Employee Wellness Program promotes health and fitness education to employees by providing programs and activities developed and overseen by qualified fitness professionals.  Program director, Bianca Lopez, chose to incorporate dance classes as an alternative to the traditional athletic form of exercise.  These classes provide employees the opportunity to include their spouse in the activity as a dance partner as well as a chance to socialize with their coworkers. “The biggest thing is trying to offer something for everyone,” said Lopez.  “Everybody really enjoys it, and they get to meet people from all over the district.” Employee, Nedra Sanford, is reaping health benefits by dancing to beat disease. “My daughter and I have lost 60 pounds together since we’ve started dancing,” said Sanford.  “Dance is the best kind of exercise.” Another active member of the HCHD Employee Wellness program, Arnold Agustin, has found more relaxation and enjoyment in his social life through dance class. “It’s been good for my confidence,” said Agustin.  “I’m a little bit shy.” Established in 2005, Sonia’s World of Dance specializes in private, semi-private lessons and group classes. The studio welcomes students of all ages who are ready to let loose their dancing spirit. It is located at 4150 Westheimer, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77027. Please visit for more information.   Dance Classes on a Dime   Affordable options available to those in pursuit of creative expression and exercise.   Sonia’s World of Dance is expanding affordable options by introducing new group classes.  Group classes include Dancing For People With Two Left Feet, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Country Western, Line Dancing, and Hip Hop.  An updated schedule with tuition can be found at and at  Those interested are encouraged to call Sonia’s World of Dance at 713.787.9111. Owner Sonia Khan Jupiter coveted a dance environment to be fun, upbeat, and accessible. “I created this program so that everyone can learn to dance,” said Sonia. “Even on a budget, the whole family can join our group classes, learn to dance and make new friends in the process.” In addition to Group Classes, Sonia’s World of Dance is offering Half Lessons!  These are a cheaper option for those who prefer Private Instruction.  Just another opportunity created to help everyone be able to embrace the love of dance! In the spirit of encouraging students to practice, the studio hosts practice parties every Friday, giving students the opportunity to socialize and practice what they’ve learned with other students and instructors.  The cost is $5 to attend, and students are encouraged to bring their choice of refreshment.  Practice parties are an economical alternative to night clubs for the social dancer to utilize his or her skills.  Most night clubs will charge a cover of $15 to $20, in addition to valet parking, and expensive drinks. Established in 2005, Sonia’s World of Dance specializes in private, semi-private lessons, group classes. The studio welcomes students of all ages who are ready to let loose their dancing spirit. Extra-curricular activities, like dance, need not be sacrificed during hard economic times.  Ballroom dancing used to be considered a hobby enjoyed exclusively by the wealthy because only they could afford the market price of lessons.  Today, more affordable opportunities have been presented to provide for a wide array of financial situations, allowing budget-conscious students a chance to continue this extensive hobby.   Dancing With the Congregation Brith Shalom Stars Fundraiser   On January 14, 2012, 8 couples competed against each other in Brith Shalom’s Fundraiser Dancing with the CBS Stars: A Sisterhood & Men’s Club Extravaganza!  At 8:00pm these dancers performed solo dances to be judged by both guest judges and the people.  These couples worked hard for two months, but there could only be one winner. Sonia’s World of Dance choreographed two dances: Waltz and Salsa, for this fundraiser and volunteer dancers.  Sonia and her instructors worked to not only turn these couples into dancers but also make it a fun way for the dancers to spend time together and socialize.  Dancing for any reason is more than just a competition; it’s a way to strengthen bonds, learn to laugh at each other’s mistakes and learn how to work together under the delicate framework of successful lead and follow.  This Dance competition was a great and entertaining way to raise money and helped the couples find a hobby that they can do together in the midst of their busy lives. Sonia’s World of Dance held private group classes for Brith Shalom on Sundays to help them learn, practice, and prepare for this competition.  All the couples really got into it so much so that a few took to buying private lessons to polish their moves and get the advantage! This fundraiser was to raise money by both the Sisterhood and the Men’s Club to pay for Shabbat meals for the congregants whom are ill or in mourning; Shabbat meals for families who have just had children; Shabbat and High Holiday babysitting; scholarships; Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts for the children; support for the Jewish Theological Seminary (where their Cantors and Rabbis receive training); Shabbat onegs; support for their religious school; support for the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism; Sukkah maintenance; Sisterhood programs including Sisterhood Shabbat; programming; and breakfast for the entire CBS community at the start of Mitzvah Day. Sonia was asked to be a guest judge in the competition and it was rewarding to watch those couple perform.  One couple was chosen at the Fundraiser as the winner, but later that month Sonia’s World of Dance held it’s own awards ceremony for the Congregation Brith Shalom Stars giving each couple their very own trophy showing that all of them were winners because they mastered a new skill- Dance!   A Proposal Made on the Dance Floor   At Sonia’s World of Dance, S.W.O.D became part of a couple’s history.  In February a man named Jay comes into the studio looking for a romantic way to propose to his girlfriend, Susannah.  Jay’s plans were devious and elaborately sketched out as he was determined to surprise his very smart girlfriend. Jay brought Susannah in for our Introductory Dance Lesson with the pretense of never previously having stepped foot in the S.W.O.D. studio.  He chose the double instructor package (two instructors: male & female) with the idea in mind of using the rest of the lessons to work on their wedding dance.  She loved the introductory lesson so much that they bought on the spot.  The next day he called to set up the next two lessons with a photographer present, who would be taking photos for “our brochure”.  Two lessons- as the first one was to throw her off the scent.   The day of the second lesson Jay was nervous.  He came in early to make sure everything was sorted.  His instructors helped him plan out the moment and the photographer even gave him something to say. He entrusted the studio with his jacket and the ring hidden inside.  The devious plan with all pawns in place, he felt confident and left. The moment they walked through the door, Jay seemed calm and collective.  Later in the lesson that wouldn’t prove to be the case! The lesson started with a review of salsa.  Following the plan, half way through the lesson the instructors separated the couple in order to teach them a new style: Rumba; both now dancing with instructors rather than each other.  It was obvious once they were separated that Jay was extremely nervous and trigger happy. Finally, the moment came.  The male instructor told Susannah to look down at her feet.  Jay went as if to get a drink of water, slipping the box out of his jacket and into his pants’ pocket. “Now I want you to both try it together.” The instructors told the couple as Jay put down the water bottle.  He walked over to Susannah and took her hand. “Hey Honey, are you having fun?” “Yes!”  She said beaming, clearly clueless of his intentions but obviously in love. “Would you like to dance with me for the rest of our lives?” Smoothly with the sudden confidence of a man going for his inner most dreams, he lowered down to one knee.  His right arm slipped into the hidden fold of his pants where the box lay hidden. He presented the box to her and she squealed, “Really?!  YES!!!! I really thought you were going to propose in Korea!” The hugged and kissed. “What about the lesson?”  Susannah asked remembering where they were. Sonia’s World of Dance was honored to assist in organizing and executing Jay’s marriage proposal.  Dancing has always been an activity of celebration and it makes for an ideal fantasy environment for proposals as well as enhancing the symbolism of union with the first dance at Weddings.  The studio has become a restful haven for many couples seeking a way to spend time together.  Dancing teaches couples how to communicate with each other without words creating a different level of connection between them. Sonia’s World of Dance has provided choreography and lessons for many wedding couples helping them prepare for their special day as well as the rest of their lives.  S.W.O.D. offers lessons through Private Instruction and Semi-Private Lessons.

Sonia’s StripAerobics…

An invigorating workout

    For women looking to shed their inhibitions along with excess weight, Sonia’s StripAerobics at Sonia’s World of Dance is an excellent workout choice. Sonia’s StripAerobics is a workout designed to allow women to shed their inhibitions- not their clothes. This class is not about baring it all, but looking and feeling good about one’s body regardless of size, shape or fitness level.  It intends to appeal to a wider demographic such as older women, people who have never danced before, or people who may have spent their whole lives on a treadmill. Instructor Melanie Belk stresses the mental and physical benefits of Sonia’s StripAerobics.  “Sonia’s StripAerobics is a fun low impact aerobic workout for women of all ages and sizes,” said Belk. “It helps build more than just a better body.  It helps women build a positive self-image and confidence.” Sonia’s StripAerobics has been said to make one’s cheeks flush- but only in a healthy, invigorating way.  Despite its exclusively erotic appeal, this program was still constructed to make students sweat.  It promises both a fat-burning, hard work-out and a safe arena to relax and move one’s body.  Fitness experts who have participated in similar programs comment on how surprised they are by how hard they worked and how much fun they had building up a sweat in such a unique approach. Sonia’s StripAerobics is one of several group classes, in addition to private lessons in ballroom, Latin, and country-western offered at Sonia’s World of Dance in Houston,Texas.

Sonia’s Strip Aerobics…

A beautiful inspiration

Could you imagine being able to lose weight while developing your stripper abilities?  This dance technique helps to strengthen legs, gluteus, arms, and abdomen.  Teri Hatcher, Lucy Liu, Christina Applegate, Jennifer Love Hewitt and even Bachelor Bob Guiney are already devotees. Carmen Electra and Sheila Kelley liked it so much that they launched their own versions of the exercise. Sonia’s StripAerobics is one of several group classes, in addition to private lessons in ballroom, Latin, and country-western offered at Sonia’s World of Dance in Houston, Texas.  However, while the class encourages sensuality, owner Sonia’s method focuses on helping one to shed their self-consciousness, not their clothing. Regardless of the provocative title, this program is nothing more than a cool and distinctive way to stay in shape.  Sonia’s StripAerobics has a special place in the heart of Sonia’s studio for its positive effects on women’s self-esteem and more eminently, how the class came about. In 2007, one of Sonia’s long-term, dedicated students developed a cancerous tumor in her brain.  Like most cancer patients, the student experienced the devastating side effects of chemotherapy, including the loss of her hair and her self-esteem.  Her spouse approached Sonia about ideas to help make his wife feel more confident.  Sonia then proceeded to coordinate a class for this student, structured to help her reclaim her inner and outer beauty. The class began as a process, starting with simply re-learning how to walk in heels, and before she knew it, this cancer survivor remembered what it was like to feel beautiful again. Since then, Sonia’s StripAerobics has flourished to become one of the most requested group classes at Sonia’s World of Dance.  It continues to change lives by granting confidence, self-esteem and physical balance. Who could imagine that a dance that at first glance projects exclusively sensuality could do so much more for a woman?   School of the Woods Gets Ready for the Big Dance   Sonia’s World of Dance had the pleasure of instructing the students of the Montessori school, The School of the Woods.  They wanted to introduce dancing to their students to build confidence for the dance.  The idea was that they would have some understanding of what they are doing.  It’s tough being in school, and dances are the worst!  Their parents are going to be there as well as their peers and maybe even that girl or guy that they had always wanted to impress. Dance can do amazing things for a child’s confidence.  We all start out as impressionable; as we grow older we tend to become afraid of interacting due to various reasons.  Being able to engrain in them early the etiquette of dance, showing them the partnership required in a good lead and follow, getting them active- all help them in many other aspects of life especially in social interactions and teamwork situations.  Dance is often a way to break the ice when someone is shy, if they know how to dance, they don’t have to talk but simply let their moves on the dance floor speak for themselves. It was a great joy working with those students.  The most rewarding part was seeing one of the very shy seeming boys have the courage to ask about continuing on with dance lessons.  Women seem to have a natural inclination to dance, we really are a dime a dozen.  And a student put this best:  A man who admits to enjoy dance and walks that extra mile in order to pursue it with passion is the most rare but exceptional thing. Ballroom is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, Ballroom dancing used to be as routine in our past as going to the movies is for us now.  Thus, exposing children to dance will help them see dance as a universal amusement versus being exclusive to one gender. The last class was a rehearsal for the dance.  The students were allowed to dance whatever style they wanted so long as they were dancing.  A lot of line dancing was requested and everybody danced!  Half of them asked if we were coming back next week. Our instructors are trained to teach beginners of all ages all styles of dance from Ballroom, Latin, Country Western and Hip Hop.